This is much more than just a blog site. This is for everyone, the misfits, outcasts, artist, aspiring entrepreneurs, and anyone who feels like they don’t fit in, or want to take their life to the next level.
From topics ranging from, health, exercise, new age ideas, spirituality, love, entrepreneurship, healthy living, meditation, yoga, diets and much, much more!

Aside from blogs, youtube videos we also have life coaching, books, FB group and our clothing line “I.N.K.” Indigo’s New Kingdom. Helping artist worldwide make a passive income from what they love doing without all of the risks!

Feel free to join in, invite and make suggestions. This is for anyone and everyone.

Also, here is a video telling more about who I am and what I am doing with your help.

Who I am (Introduction video)

Plus, here is my first published book, “Perfectly Perfect”. FREE with kindle unlimited! Has my short bio and timeless life lessons from myself and many others. A book to help with motivation, becoming your best version and living life to the fullest.

My first book- “Perfectly Perfect.”

More about Jordan Suber The found of Indigo’s New Kingdom & Vibrations Media, LLC.

Jordan Suber is from Lawrence, KS and has moved to Austin a little over a year ago now to further his education and his entrepreneurial pursuits. Currently going to school at ACC for psychology and business while participating in Toastmasters among other leadership groups and spends whatever time he can help his clients through business consulting, life coaching and exercise/diet coaching.
When he isn’t buried in school work, side businesses and writing his next book you can find him volunteering for things around ATX like SXSW and many other events. He has a huge passion for helping and being involved in his community as well as trying to make a difference in the world. Knowing how it is to need help and or needing to overcome massive hardships in life.
He was born with a high level of lead poisoning and not only did he overcome and beat it after the age of 6, he now uses that experience to help other people who are facing misfortune or just want to be their best versions.
He is the author of Perfectly Perfect his first published Ebook on Kindle, it is one of the ways he has been giving back to help cut the learning curve for others who are making a name for themselves.
Lastly, aside from collaborating with other like-minded people and dream chasers on blogs/articles,
youtube videos, books, business and a plethora of other ventures, he is also the founder of Indigo’s New Kingdom in 2016, helping artist get their artwork more exposure and create a passive incomes for doing what they love. You can follow him on facebook, twitter, IG and his blog https://weindigocom.wordpress.com/ as well as connect via email indigokingdomworld@gmail.com to get the full scoop and inquire more about his services.
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