We all could be free; Here what stops us & 3 ways to make a change.

We all could be free; Here what stops us & 3 ways to make a change.

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Hello, everyone.
This is a long-awaited article that I personally have been the one waiting for (Maybe a few others.) I apologize in advance. This will be some of the most real. Rawest. And controversy post I have created publicly yet.
(Reader discretion IS advised.)


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I have reframed from writing it for quite some time and maybe for “good” reasons. Many of my 4,000 plus subscribers may not like this, and or may cease on being subscribed.  Yet, if that is the case it compels me to write it that much more.
I love all of my readers and I really appreciate it! Although, if my fans only like me when I am being tactful or censoring what I say. Then, I am writing for all of the wrong reasons. Writing isn’t something that we do just to be heard. It isn’t an act that is used just to benefit the writers. It is a miracle that is created to change what others think. More importantly, writing is a way to change other peoples lives (the writers included.)

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Some of you may know that I listen to a plethora of music ranging from: Rap, Conscious music, Indian music, classical, fantasy lore, Zelda soundtrack, Celtic, dubstep, and just about any other genre you could think of. But, out of every kind of music, there is one that I listen to more than any other. And, that is conscious rap (music.) Many of you may not see how any of this correlate with not being free, and how this will help us be free.
It is simple, I bring up this genre of music to touch base on matters that I constantly ponder about.

protect and serve, not kill

This kind of music is one of the biggest expression of being free that I can think of. Honestly, anything that is empowering others and ourselves is the biggest expression of being free. Some of these artists are: The Underachievers, Ab-Soul, Kendrick, J Cole, Logic, Flatbush Zombies, Joey Badass, Isaiah Rashad, Saba, Oshun, Willow Smith (& her brother), and plus so many others, Mick Jenkins. I could name off names forever (one of my biggest hobbies outside of writing is listening to music). These are some of the people who truly inspire me to write. Even more than some authors that I love and owe tribute to.
I thrive to write pieces that spark others to action. That ignite fires and brings people together.

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Conscious music talks about the things that others seem to shy away from. The matters that are really important. Don’t get me wrong, we will hear: “N***a, B***h, sex, drugs, making money, and many other derogatory speeches.
However, we will also hear a lot about being free, staying “woke”, standing up for what you believe in, Coming together, how corrupt the system is, how to empower ourselves and making a difference. People are being strategy boxed in to communities  that have bad living situations, school is almost no better, police brutality almost on the daily, war is always on the verge of emersion it seems every moment, killings, disrespect, and so much more occur, due to race, sex, social class, religion, and the list goes on.
Everything is a matter of perspective.
And that is what this post is about (special read at the end of the article).

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As being a half black, half white, heterosexual male, in America; I see the world probably much different than the person next to me. Just like how you see things differently than someone else does, which makes the world such a great place.
I have been bashed for being black by whites, bashed for being half white by blacks, even been discriminated towards for being intelligent. Many smart black people have probably heard the saying “quit acting white” for enjoying reading and learning.
The bottom line, regardless of who, where, and what we are, there is always some degree of discrimination and segregation.
The main goal of this article is to help shift the way of thinking so that no one has to go through these situations.
In psychology, there is a theory that talks about how people are a product of “Nature and Nurture.” (Simply Psychology, Nature Vs Nurture in Psychology, https://www.simplypsychology.org/naturevsnurture.html.)
In this theory, it touches how everything that we know shares a close correlation with where we are living and who is there while we are growing (location, family, friends, media, books, strangers, every stimulus.)

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With that being said, We live in a place people are being killed by cops, each other, and even strangers. Yet, many people are quick to blame the person being slain…
It is a lot like the saying “I don’t see color”. First off that makes me feel like you are saying you don’t “see” me. Even as a person. We should not be talking about not seeing color but instead seeing pass color. Otherwise, we will continue to go through what we have been going through.
Albert Einstein once said, “If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten”.

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Abstaining to reframe from prejudice isn’t what is going to be the most effective. Adhering to what is right and what is wrong will make the world a better place. We all go through up’s and downs in life, and ultimately, we are all on the same team. If you are a big fan of history, one of the best ways to keep power in the 1% hands was to create the “middle class” and to punish anyone who sought out to help those who were less fortunate and or different.
Even more so, the best way to disrupt peace and progress is to pin one another against each other, and that is exactly what is happening now, maybe even worse.

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                        How to make a change (3 ways).

1. Stand up for what is right (Take notice).
If we see something that makes us feel sick, or that there is an injustice going on, stand up for what you believe. In psychology, we call this the bystander effect. When people see no one helping or some in need of help, they will follow suit, but as soon as other’s start to help, people will in turn “conform” to help as well. Being the first one to take a side of what is right is how we can make a huge change. We must see everything as a responsible for ourselves and not rely on someone else doing it.

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2. Be the difference that you want to see.
One of the best ways to change the world is to first change ourselves. We have to be the difference that we want to see in the world. Be-friend someone is different from you, travel the world, learn about what is going on in the world, lend a helping hand, go to a rally or march, make a song, make art, a blog/article post, videos, anything that spreads positive vibes into the world. It doesn’t matter how grand, or “small” it is, all that matters is that we create a ripple effect that can ignite others to do the same.

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3. Have an open mind.
The best way to have peace and understanding is to keep an open mind. People only believe something either because they want to, or they are scared not to. The biggest problem we are facing is that so many of us are closed off to wanting to understand someone else. Aside from just race, sex, money,  and religion, but in everything in life. The number one reason we have adversary is that we have a gap of understanding and wanting to understand, in all aspect of life. When two people are upset about something it is due to a loss of communication (understanding).

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Call to action.

As we can clearly see, there is a common theme that can help make this world a better place, and that is taking the initiative to be the change that we want to see in this world. Broadening our horizons. So my call to action today is to do something for someone else without having to be asked, meet new people, travel the world, understand what someone else is going through, or just be there for someone else. Whatever it is, be positive, and be the person others are not willing to be. Nothing good has ever come from within our comfort zones.
We are all one nation, connected to one another, we must do away with these imaginary borders because under the water we are still Pangaea.

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Stay Woke.

Bonus (Warning this will make you see America a lot differently!)
(Bottom has my social links).

     How Undemocratic The United States Really Was at Its Founding in 1788 (& now).

             Throughout history, many civilizations have sought out to be democratic, some more than others, which started with Athens. As we have progressed, the arising question has shifted from who is democratic to who shares the most similarities to a democracy. In the late 1700’s America has become the spokesperson for said form of government, but the real question is how close were they, and was their goal to be a democracy in the first place? With such a large influence that U.S has in the world, this is a precedent ideology that all nations would want to consider. The founders were not interested in a monarchy type of government but were instead more interested in self-ruling with a form of government that was a republican democracy based. There are many characteristics that would make the U.S democratic, but far more did not. To be an absolute democratic government, there are three characteristics that are needed: popular sovereignty, political equality, and political liberty. They did have these in place to some degree, but they were not held up in a fashion that brought real freedom to the people living there and or real equality. The documentation and action that were demonstrated and comprised deeply represent how America in the time of the ratification in 1788 was not an ideal democracy. America was and is much less democratic than many citizens have been known to believe.

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            The first instance of the United States not being an absolute democracy is their level of popular sovereignty. For popular sovereignty to be effective “the idea that the ultimate source of authority rests with the people, and the government does what the people want, at least in the long-term” (Valverde, Intro to Democratic theory, p. 2). Indicators of popular sovereignty range from but are not limited to; widespread of political participation, a close correlation between what the government does and what the people want, and majority rule. Despite what the constitution has stated, there are many actions performed that the people were not the primary interest. Taking into account what James Madison, one of the writers of the constitution, said, “They ought to be so constituted as to protect the minority of the opulent against the majority” (Valverde, 2017, Syllabus, p. 8), which without a doubt was not in the favor of the “people” and or what they would want. The term “people” is loosely used to protect a certain class and not all of the people on United States’ soil.

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               The second notion of how America was not a true democracy and maybe the most important was their level of political equality. We can describe political equality as such “The principle that says that each person carries the same weight in voting and others political decision-making, and everyone is treated the same in government” (Valverde, Intro to Democratic theory, p. 2). The number of incidents that shows the lack of equality goes on; one of the prominent ones is the compromise. The founders wanted to balance out the powers of representatives for each state based on population, but it was skewed due to slave states vs those who did not have many slaves. In order to counteract this dilemma, they agreed on the great compromise stating that “each state had to count three-fifths of its slaves into its total population” (WorldAtlas.com, 2017, what was the great compromise). The indicators that political equality is present are: People deliberate about their common problems and concerns as equals, and decision-making processes in which each person carries the same weight in voting and other political decision-making processes. Clearly, the compromise does not fully support political equality.

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              The last manifestation of what makes an ideal democracy is a political liberty. This is explained as, “The principle that says the citizens in a democracy should be protected from government interference in the exercise of a range of basic freedoms. E.g., freedoms of speech. Associations, of conscience and religion” (Valverde, Intro to democratic theory, p. 3) The examples of how this has been deprived of the people are saturated. Not only throughout the actions of the people in power but as well as in the history books. We can even take into account what the framers said it required to run for office, “No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty-five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen” (The constitution, Par 2, Sec 2, line 1-2). Without examining what is required to be a citizen, we can see that not anyone could run for public office. In addition, out of the four houses that are voted in power, only one house is a directly voted by the people themselves (representative), “The U.S. House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature” ( The Constitution, Art 1, Sec 2). The evidence that a country has political liberty are: freedom of speech, freedom from arbitrary arrest, and freedom to run for public office (Valverde, 2017, Intro to democratic theory). As demonstrated, the U.S does not have all these features of democracy.

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                 We can clearly see that the founders were more interested in forming a republican form of government. They have traits of the three features that make a true democracy like political equality, political liberty, and popular sovereignty, but they were not in full support of any of these ideologies. After an examination of the compiled facts, we can recognize that America is not an ideal democratic government. Granted, we can decipher the constitution and listed sources in such a way that it can be skewed to support our findings in our favor. Much like how it is now, another reason why it is the living constitution. Yet, we can definitely see more characteristics of a republic democracy as opposed to an absolute democracy. This can be seen even without hand-picking which sources of government documents we will use for this disclosure.

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                                                                 Reference list.

Jefferson, T. (1978). The constitution, Par 2, Sec 2, line 1-2. [PDF document]. Retrieved from         
Sawe, B. (2017). What was the great compromise [Government website]. Retrieved from

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Valverde, M. (2017). The syllabus page 8. [PDF document]. Retrieved from

As always.

We are all in this together but it all starts with you! You are creating history!

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