How to get your dreams. (how to be happier.)

How to get your dreams. (how to be happier.)
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Monday means “My-Day”
Happy Monday everyone! (Or whatever day it might be when you see this.) Monday is a day that most are not happy to see and wished that it was Friday or the weekend But I say that every day should be celebrated like it was these days or even better like it was your birthday! As many of you already know, every now and then I host a contest for everyone to join in on! The best part that of this is that not only is it “easy” but it can change your life forever and even better, it is completely free for you!

What are some goals that you want to get done? How do you complete them? Are you happy? And do you want to be the best you that you can be?

Here is how it works. Goal setting.

Pick a goal, dream or anything you want to accomplish. Now you have started the journey to your true self. To ensure that you stick with it and receive the full benefits. Write down your goal/dream and how you are going to do it. Now everyday looks at it & record what progress you have done that day then repeat for the entire 30 days. Now, this is the most important about how this works. You have to be positive for the entire 30 days. I know you what you are thinking, “How do I do that?!?” Well, it’s simple to turn every negative into a positive, anytime you have envy turn into motivation/inspiration on what you want. In life, everything is a lesson, not fail or win. So remain positive and this will change your life forever! That is it, no catch or anything extra to it. Risk-free.


Please feel free to share, tag your loved ones so they can benefit from this as well. Also, you can comment and or message to have even more help and to help with accountability. You are a limitless being and are capable of anything in your wildest dreams, dreams! Live the life you want and be the best that you can be! ❤ As many of you know, I hate (and I think hate is an ugly, low frequency and energy draining word) when people have some alternative motive or want people to pay them for help or advice. We are in the “golden age” is you believe in that kind of thing. We should be helping each other get to where we want to be without expecting anything in return. To be “conscious, wasn’t,” they say that is to be aware of your thoughts and to want the best for everyone. So for all of my avid or bibliophile like myself here is a read for you!


Here are some amazing ways that have helped me become happier and or live my dreams. After countless books, seminars, webinars, and mentors these are what seem to help people the most.

Destroying self-doubts.
The first one is to get all of the self-doubts out of your mind and life. Now some of you will ask much like I used to (how in the world do I do that?) Well here are some simple ways to do that. Every Time that you catch yourself having a negative self-talk. Turn it into something positive. Like for instance, if you hear yourself saying things like “I am not good enough, I can’t do that, I am not attractive or charismatic enough and or what is the point” (I know that I have caught myself saying some of these things before many times.) Instead, reinforce your thoughts by saying that you are amazing, that you can do anything and so much more, and that you are perfectly perfect in this moment just the way that you are. Another great way to do this is to remember all of the great things that you do and have done. Also, the amazing things that you will do! (Feeding our ego will reinforce a positive mindset.)

Just like anything else that we do in our lives. It all comes down to how much we practice something in our life. When We begin to shower ourselves with self-love and affirmation. Is when our lives start to seem “perfectly perfect”. The key thing that has helped many others is keeping in mind that persistence and consistency are the essentials for this.


This brings me to my second point. How are you holding yourself accountable for getting your goals achieved? A lot of times I have caught myself feeling like since I was “busy”. That I was getting a lot of “Important” things achieved.  But as we all know the old saying” If we do not plan then we are planning to fail”. And my favorite, ” Just because you are doing something doesn’t mean you are getting a lot done”- Denzel Washington. It’s like running in place and expecting to get from A to B.

Tools to help track progress.
An amazing way to help with this is to have a “deep work” spreadsheet. Also, apps like these,
myfitnesspal,,and the life-tracking app built on most smartphones, plus so many others.

Tracking our progress on everything not only on just our dreams. Is when people have seemed to accomplish the most and see magic happen. Have you ever tried to lose or gain weight before or get a goal finished? Without measuring along you go. Then, I know most of us have seen no results(or little to none) after an unheard of amount of grinding hours. Just to realize That we wasn’t any closer to completing or meeting our goal then when we started. I often remind myself, “That which isn’t measured won’t be seen with great measures” -Jordan Suber

“That which isn_t measured won_t be seen with great measures”

Now I am not saying that you can’t do like, Mohammed Ali used to do. The way of not measuring (counting) until it started to burn. But some would argue at the same time that he was still in an act of measuring. In either case, tracking and meeting goals daily will help make life seem more like a “game”. That you now have all of the cheat codes for.

If you follow me on social media you can see that I have been talking about goals for a few days now. This is one of the bests to get to where you want to be in life.

Deep Work
Here is a sample spreadsheet that you can adjusted for anything you are trying to track.

(You can make this anyway that you desire and with as little or many hours as you would like to aim for.)

2017-07-24 (3)

Now these are just a couple of proven ways to get this 30 days “Challenge” on its way. Here is another great read that will help you overcome fear and accomplish this goal.

As well as my YouTube video: 10 ways to live a perfectly perfect life.

I always try to people that I have helped in the past and my current clients. That one of the best way to live a perfectly perfect life. Is to start visualizing your life as it was already the way you want it to be. Whenever asked how you are, be honest but use your affirmation to reinforce it. Like the old expression, we become what we eat so to do we become what we think.

You can do anything that you dream about. Remember though a dream that we don’t make a goal for will only be a dream. Above all always be yourself and true to who you are.

As always.

We are all in this together but it all starts with you! You are creating history!

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