How you can effortlessly & instantly become your best version & what that really means.

How you can effortlessly & instantly become your best version & what that really means.
present.jpgHello, Everyone!
As most of you know I am currently going back to college for Psychology and Business. In one of my classes we had this “self-change” project (Mine was becoming my best version) and I think it would be selfish of me not to tell you about it. Not only did it work and make me “better” but I figured out a few ways to help gauge progress, make REAL result, and actually know what needs to be done to make it happen (Instead of feeling at a loss whenever you hear someone say “become your best self and everything will follow suit” without an explanation on how to really do so.)


When we really think about what makes someone successful, intelligent, admirable and or even the “best” a lot comes into play. There are a few core components that will normally come to mind, ranging from but not limited to, work ethics, charisma, talent/skill, biography, achievements, and training/education. Yet, those who always strived to not only do their best but to be their best selves seem to stand apart from the rest. The real question is how did they do it and how do we? This collection of work should help us do the same.

        From examining people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Socrates, Alexander the Great, to Napoleon Hill, MLK, Nikola Tesla, and countless others who has changed the world and how they did it. It has given myself and many others a keen insight on which route and information/progress we will need to consider what we need to record so we too can be our best and leave an impact on the world.
One of the biggest thing that I realized was that they all had goals and was pretty much obsessed with them. Many of them have even used goal-systems like by having an S.M.A.R.T goal (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based.) My goal is to become my best version by gauging my progress, consciously doing my best and being accountable for my actions. I believe it is achievable because anyone can be and do their best it just takes some effort. It is relevant to me because it is something that I want out of life and by measuring the time based (duration) for this project for four weeks and for a lifetime for myself. (It can be different for everyone and should be in some way or another. Whatever it is as long as it can plug into this formula you can make it happen “sometimes even if it doesn’t really fit”. Just never give up on it.)

        Aside from using resources like these (using books, other people, classes and life experiences.) The number one asset for this is our own skills, like using practical thinking to see what is working and not and what has for others as well as using what we have learned from other classes and areas in life, using analytical thinking to create a great plan of action and creative thinking to make this turn into a lifelong pursuit. As well as using friends/family for moral support also keeping to a solid routine. (The list goes on virtually forever when it comes to using resources and our minds.)

        During my first week of this project, I used a time log similar to the one we used in the beginning of this semester. I found out how much time I was spending not living up to my fullest potential and what I did when not actively trying to do better. (I discovered that much like anything else in life, it isn’t a sprint but marathon. In business, relationships, family, life, and anything, it takes time before you start to see great results or the ones you are looking for.) Life is a journey.

        Many highly successful people, professors, psychologist, and influential people have “proven” that becoming our best versions takes many applications and a practical mindset, like tracking progress, allocating time efficiently, training and habits. Most important it takes a lot of willpower and remaining conscious about our life and what we are doing.(Like for one instance. We often lose sight on just how much time we spend doing activities. Maybe you are like me and like to enjoy T.V. with loved ones and that’s great. But one article states that people who spend time watching T.V. are limiting their time and potential by a significant amount (1,839.6 hours to be estimated a year). Showing just easily time can slip by us. Time is one of our greatest asset we have to use it wisely.


(This will look and be different for everyone and any age.)

         I believe that one of the things that were not helpful for me was trying to control every aspect of the project (Much like anything else in life.) I learned that the more I just tried to stick to a routine and just do my best instead of trying to think how to record it, the better I started to perform due to having more of my attention on what I was presently doing. (Sometimes it is best not to get distracted by numbers and milemakers and to focus on results and being in the present.)

        I was greatly surprised to see how much more different I started to act, from being filled with more energy, fulfillment, and happiness. When I first started to notice it, it gave me a sense of bliss and encouragement that it is working and will have a significant impact on not only myself but hopefully others around me as well. I expected to fill somewhat of a change but not such a great change in such a short time. Once you start and see the difference you will never want to turn back. (It is a lifestyle, eating chooses, mindset, habits, and how you chose to live life.)

If you have seen the Ted talk You 2.0 Then this metaphor will sound familiar to you.
It is like a cell phone, tablet, computer, business, school, recipe and even the human body (biotechnology, nanotech, healthcare, etc.)
When we don’t update our phones they begin to slow down and start to lag and we are not a whole lot different.
If we don’t consciously try to improve who we are we will begin to fall behind not just from others but more importantly from ourselves.
(The worst part about it is we don’t get a flashing message saying “Time to update”.)

        After finishing this project and experiment, helping others through life coaching, tutoring, and mentoring, I have realized that it may not be “easy” to make a positive change in your life but it isn’t hard to do. It just takes dedication, willpower, S.M.A.R.T. goals, new ways of thinking, and the desire to actually want to do it. The benefits from doing a self-change in your life can be small or big and even limitless if you really want it to be and you can start whenever even RIGHT NOW! (Here is another great read that ties really well with this one! The best way to learn and to Learn how to be a better thinker!)

Here are some great key points to even better help you on your journey to your best and greatest self!

The first one being; Constant improvement, becoming better than we were yesterday. If we only improved by 1% daily for one year, we will be 365% better than we started.

    • Doing more of what is expected, it’s like the Midas touch of the modern day.


  • Growth Mindset, learning to see everything as a growth opportunity and a challenge to overcome. (Perspective is everything.)


    • Persistent/Consistent, Knowing that it takes time and dedication to actually see the result that you are seeking. Rome wasn’t built in a day neither will creating your best version only take a day.
    • Focusing on solutions and not problems, if it doesn’t improve you, let it go. People who do their “best” spend 10% of their times on the problem and 90% on devising a solution. (our past does not define us or our future.)


  • Balance is the key, no one can be the beesst at everything and it is different for everyone. (Everything is the best in moderation.)


    • yourplan_expectationvsreality.jpgDiscovering your passion, many of the “greats” will say that if it wasn’t something that loved doing, they wouldn’t have been able to do it. Albert Einstein once said everyone is a genius, just takes knowing what subject/thing makes time feel as if it isn’t passing while you do it.
    • Having a burning desire, This one goes hand & hand with having a passion. It takes wanting something more than anything to keep it up. Often time we lose sight, discouragement, and loss of interest. People aren’t “made” to be doing our best, we are creatures of survival, doing just enough of what necessary to survive. It takes a constant desire of wanting to strive for greatness.
    • Greatness and being Arete is a habit, not only are habits the foundations they also say that our best changes from day to day and person to person. Being our best is about trying to out do ourselves every chance that we get. (We are our only competition.)


  • Dream so big that they immediate others, most people that we idolize, respect, and or look up to are due to them dreaming so big or doing something we didn’t think was possible, doing something not ordinary but extraordinary. (doubt/Over thinking kills, there is nothing that you can’t do.) (Believe.)
  • Being authentic is key, there is no better way to become our best version then by remaining true to who we really are. There is enough copies cat but there is only one you for a reason. No one can become a better you than you. So if you aren’t the best YET at something you want, at least you will be the best you until then. (We will be judge either way, live YOUR life)


  • (The list goes on forever.) But lastly, it takes love (as corny as that sounds.) Many world changers state that you have to be in a state of mind of love or compassion. You have to treat everyone like they were your neighbor and yourself as if you was the person you love (like a spouse and or significant other.) It is hard to be and do your best when you don’t love every moment of life, person and yourself. Otherwise we are in a place of complacent and self-loathing.

There is nothing that you cannot do! The stars aren’t the limit our minds are and they are limitless!
More importantly,  it is more about empowering yourself so you could then, in turn, empower and help others. (The best leader doesn’t have the most followers, they made the most leaders.)

Lastly, Anyone & everyone can be the person they want to be. It may not be easy & not exactly “hard” but it is definitely a challenge but more importantly, it is up to us, we just have to start & never quit.


Weare all in this together but it all starts with you! You are creating history!

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